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by Brooke Weeber
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C&J PR // Jackie // GHD holds // Bears
I followed Chris’s WOD programming for today and he gave me a different strength while he did his.  STRENGTH: Clean and Jerks  Warm up and then 1 C&J every 3:00. Start at 55% and go up by 10s until approaching PR.
75-95-115-135-145-150-155 fail x2
Previous 1rm was 140#. 135 and 145 never felt so solid. 150 was good too but could be better. 155, I needed to get my front foot out without jumping up to do it.
I really liked this style for strength.
WOD: “Jackie” 1000m row  50 thrusters 45/35# 30 pull-ups
Previous time 12:18 RXd (2013…not sure when)
Today 8:32 RXd !!!! Chris got 7:11 RXd for his first time ever doing it.
Row was around 4:12 (I think?). Thrusters were 15-15-11-9. Pull-ups were 11-10-5-4. (7/30 were butterfly… Gotta work that.) The thrusters is a mind game. It’s not heavy; it’s almost just annoying. I didn’t have to break like I did, but that what next time is for.
POST: 5x 0:30 GHD back ext. holds with 15# plate
Then jump in the class and do -
5x  Bear complex (7 = 1) at 35#  …just because
POST POST: 1 hour beach volleyball 6s
Anonymous: I miss you posting the booty

hmm I will post some soon.

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