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Last night was such a blast :)
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crossfit women

Mt. Hehuan, Taiwan by Vincent Ting
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DIY Succulent Wreath Beautiful gorgeous pretty flowers
Slingshot Dakota - Cassette

we’re always older now
and we still love each other
but now we share our hearts with others

and it doesn’t really matter that much to me
cause what you want for yourself isn’t what I want for me
so it doesn’t really matter that much to me
except when I think about your broken heart

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Pavel Zavoloka
Tonight got real..

"Well it’s gonna happen sooner than you think.
Just one more thing before I go to bed.

Be open to opportunity. But pick the right one.

Just don’t question me!😏”

Not sure why someone is telling me this. But tonight has been a strange night that’s for sure. Now matter what I’m glad nothing happened. Friendship means more to me than anything.

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If one more

Person tells me I need to date my best friend… I’m going to lose my mind.

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